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Primary aluminum GOST 11069-2001
А-5, А-0.
Aluminum for deoxidation GOST 295-98
АВ87, АВ91.
Aluminum alloys GOST 1583-93
АК5М2, АК7,АК7п, АК7ч, АК12М2, АК9М2, АК8М, АК9, АК9ч, АК12, АК12пч, АК12М2МгН и другие.
Cast bronze GOST 614-97
БрО5-Ц6-С5, БрО10-С10, БрО4-Ц4-С17 и другие; БрА10-Ж3, БрА10-Ж3-Мц2, БтАЖН4-4 и другие.
Cast brass in ingots GOST 1020-97
ЛС, ЛОС, ЛК1, ЛСД, ЛКС и другие;
Production of alloys according to specifications
Production of alloys according to the customer's specifications.
Rubber mats
To create dirt-proof, moisture-absorbing, anti-slip floor coverings and paths.
Rubber curbs
An element of the design of garden paths, the delimitation of the territory of industrial complexes.
Rubber castle tile
Various colors and shape options are possible.