Closed Joint Stock Company Vologda Enterprise Vtortsvetmet has been operating in the non-ferrous metals market since 1986. The main activity is the production of alloys based on copper (brass, bronze) and aluminum.

The enterprise owns its own production and raw material base, a fleet of heavy-duty vehicles, has all the metallurgical and laboratory equipment necessary for the production of high-quality products. Electric induction and flame reflection furnaces are used for the production of products in production buildings.

At ZAO VP Vtortsvetmet, the most modern equipment is used for quality control. FOUNDRY-MASTER is a compact stationary spectrometer for the analysis of the chemical composition of metals in the laboratory. Portable metal analyzers X-Met 8000 and Vulcan.

Scrap and waste of non-ferrous metals, alloys and primary materials are used as raw materials. It has the ability to process cable products using special equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.

CJSC “VP” Vtortsvetmet “invites you to cooperate in purchasing scrap and waste of non-ferrous metals from your enterprise.

Quality Policy

Our goals:

  • Maximum customer satisfaction;
  • Strengthening market positions in Russia and increasing sales in other countries of the world through the production of high quality products;
  • Improving the economic situation of each employee and the enterprise as a whole.

Our mottos:

  • The quality of ZAO “Vtortsvetmet” products should satisfy all our consumers and other interested parties;
  • The honor of the Vtortsvetmet CJSC brand is above all;
  • Quality today is our well-being tomorrow;
  • The consumer is always right;
  • Continuously improve the processes included in the quality management system;
  • Ensuring competitiveness is the path to success in market conditions.

Our methods:

  • Implementation of the ISO 9001-2015 series of principles and methods of total quality management;
  • In-depth marketing research of the domestic and foreign markets, suppliers, competitors;
  • Finding new ways to interact with the consumer;
  • Confirmation of quality management and product quality by certification of the quality management system in reputable domestic and foreign authorities;
  • Scientific and technical innovations focused on the introduction of new technologies that improve the quality of products and the development of new types of products that meet the highest consumer requirements;
  • Regular assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system;
  • Provision of production with qualified personnel, organization of systematic training of management and working personnel, continuous improvement of the social and living conditions of employees.

Our principles:

  • Each employee, from director to student, is responsible for the quality of his work, timely and conscientiously performs his work;
  • Quality concerns all team members. No one has the right to make decisions that could in any way lower the established level of quality;
  • Quality is an indispensable condition for any innovation at all levels of production. The quality policy is mandatory for all services and departments of the enterprise. Adopted at the general meeting of Vtortsvetmet Joint Stock Company.